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We’re pleased to be able to share some of the many positive reviews that our customers have sent to us. However, because of our long term relationships with our clients and our respect for the proprietary nature of the product development process, our clients’ anonymity is very important to us.

We’ve gotten over the initial fear of new technology – once you use a PERC System, it’s a great tool. It’s compact compared to a standard rack system and takes up less room. We’ve never had an issue with any of the electronic components. It’s plug-and-play.

Large Automotive Mold Builder & Molder

We are well satisfied with the PERC system. Simply put, it is accurate, clean and demonstrates excellent repeatability.

Global Molder of Connectors

The reason we decided to purchase the PERC systems was the repeatability of the servo technology, which was a huge improvement over present unscrewing technologies. We have observed excellent reliability, quality, and productivity with this technology. No regrets.

Major medical OEM Molder

I do like to steer jobs to you when it makes sense, especially the complex jobs because we have confidence in your ingenuity and it is great to be able to have you close by for brainstorming sessions.

Product Designer, World Wide Water Filtration Manufacturer

Thanks very much for the information, and for finishing this job earlier than expected and within budget. We needed a little good news to begin the holiday season. It is certainly a pleasure to meet with competence, and we will be working with BA Die Mold again whenever we can.

Large Japanese Molder, Automotive Parts

Thanks again for jumping on this so quickly, and for such a thorough job! I am shipping parts to Ford for Life testing today! The parts are checking within .0002” of where we checked the steel on the bench! Much Appreciated!

Technical Services Manger. From a leading global supplier of compounds

I had an opportunity to see your Mold sampled today, and I would like to extend my personal praise and to the very person present it received many accolades. it’s very impressive piece of quality engineering and construction....nice iron. Thanks to everyone for all of the good efforts extended....you make your customers look good.

Sales Engineer, Major Hot Runner Mfg.

I will most certainly drop your name though – working with BA Die has been nothing short of excellent. Thank you guys so much for all your hard work, and for being so outstanding to work with!

Custom Manufacturer of Medical Equipment and Packaging

We received the molds this morning. Thank you for the extra effort with building an appropriate crate, and securing the molds and cylinder in the crates, for transit to us. It’s good to see that the attention to detail at B A Die Mold doesn't stop at the mold build. Nice Job!

Custom Mold Making and Design Firm

As per our conversation, attached please find the PO for the 2x 16 cavity repeat builds. Thank you for your patience and good work as partners. The original one is running like a charm since arrival!

Custom Molder, Consumer Packaged Goods, Electronics and Medical Devices