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Mold Manufacturing

For more than 45 years, B A Die Mold has provided ground-breaking solutions for customers in a diverse range of industries including: medical devices, water filtration & plumbing, consumables, electronics, spray nozzles, Caps and Closures/Packaging.

Innovation and personalized service, coupled with our team’s collective experience in the field, have earned us lasting customer loyalty. Consistently,

B A Die Mold has helped customers save time and money using B A ingenuity in every phase of a project. If there’s a way to build it better, we’ll find it!

While we specialize in unscrewing and multi-action tooling for highly engineered parts, we are also known for designing and manufacturing high quality molds for the following applications:

  • Two-shot
  • Over-molding
  • Insert molds
  • Compression molding
  • Thermoset and MIM molds for a variety of industries.

When you purchase a mold from B A Die Mold, you’re getting a product with a solid reputation behind it. Our facility and our team’s talent can only be described as cutting edge — intelligent, creative and responsive to your needs.

Click HERE to visit our gallery for a look at some of our molds and the parts that they produced. Be sure to also review testimonials from our customers.